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Caesar – TimeChimp’s next gen product

Product summary


In the past years TimeChimp has grown quickly and steadily to more than 3500 customers. This is partly facilitated by continuously improving and expanding the current product (called Bright Eyes within the company). To anticipate on future growth TimeChimp decided to rebuild the product from the ground up. This way we can continue to offer our clients a simple, effortless and
insightful time management platform.


  1. Replace Bright Eyes with a better product
  2. Improve fit with large business


We aim to reduce the time hou have to spend in our application, while maximizing the value for our users. For this we focus on making our application easy, fast and secure.

  • Easy: by focusing on user experience and delivering actionable insights
  • Fast: by using the latest technologies and focusing on efficiency
  • Secure: by providing the latest security on our technology and creating transparency on our policies


In Q3 we start with a selection of suitable customers, our launching customers, who will become our primary source of input in building the new product. We have a long-term roadmap with several themes per quarter. Based on these themes we will actively gather input from our launching customers such that our product will fit their needs.

New features and improvements

Workspaces -> to fit any organizational structure

In order to serve companies with a more complex organizational structure Caesar introduces Workspaces. This way any organization can align TimeChimp with its own company structure.

Key benefits:

  • Top-level managers stay in control, while they can transfer responsibility to workspace owners, e.g. department or branche managers
  • Financial control and resource management on organization level

Project phases -> for great project management

Large projects often contain multiple project phases. TimeChimp offers Project phases, so that for each phase you can:

  • register hours
  • set a budget
  • assign employees
  • assign tasks
  • set an invoice method

Simultaneously, you can still keep an overview on the entire project by monitoring your KPI’s and the total project budget.

Insights -> to increase productivity

With insights we help you further improve the productivity of your company.

  • Monitor workforce capacity, analyse illness, leave and employee retention
  • Monitor the utilization by comparing the time spent on clients vs workforce capacity. Find your strong and weak points and improve.
  • Define project KPI’s, and increase profitability.

Want to know more about Caesar? Then contact us or call us at  +3120 764 0860.

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