Integration with Power BI

Connect TimeChimp to Power BI and create extensive reports with your TimeChimp data, without having to export and import the data yourself.

  • Data transferred directly from TimeChimp to Power BI
  • Quick start with 4 different dashboards
  • Ability to create your own dashboards
  • Immediate insight into the most important results
  • Making data-driven decisions
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Everything in one overview

Get started right away with the four standard dashboards we’ve have set up. These transparent reports give you direct insight into your organisation’s results. This lets you steer your organisation on the basis of data-driven decisions.

This gives you insight into management information, time tracking and project management and an employee overview. It includes turnover figures, average sick leave percentage, percentage of billable hours, average hourly rate, trend in hours, your top 10 projects, etc. As well as the standard dashboards provided by TimeChimp, you can also create your own dashboards or adjust the ones that are there already.

On top of that, you can also import data from other tools into Power BI so that you can create a total overview of your organisation. The possibilities are endless!

Integration with Jira Atalassian

  • Simply start and stop your hours in Jira
  • Connect TimeChimp projects to Jira projects
  • Perfect for IT teams
  • Approval by a project manager
  • Invoice the customer easily with the hours worked
  • Leave and illness registration
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TimeChimp en Jira Atlassian

Track your Jira issue hours very easily, so that they end up in TimeChimp automatically. You can enter your number of hours directly, but also simply click on start and stop. The timer automatically syncs with TimeChimp and adds a Jira worklog to your issue.

The TimeChimp admin can also connect TimeChimp projects to a Jira project. TimeChimp is particularly suited to IT teams. The project manager has realtime insight into the number of hours registered on a project and what the current budget is. In addition, TimeChimp has useful export functions which allow you to export your hours easily to Excel or PDF. You can always have access to all your data while on the road too, via the iOS and Android App.

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The connection

The admin has an option to connect TimeChimp projects to Jira projects, so that when an employee starts registering hours, the project with the relevant issue is selected automatically.

All you have to do to register the hours of a Jira issue is to click on start, and then click on stop, when you’re done. That’s it!

When you register your Jira issue hours, a worklog is created automatically. Hours registered in TimeChimp are also linked to the Jira issue and you can see this in your TimeChimp timesheet.

Integration with Zapier

  • Integration with 1000+ other tools
  • No extra connection costs
  • Connect with Google, Office365, Asana, Trello, Salesforce, Slack, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Stripe and many more
  • Automate and simplify your time tracking and connected processes and save time!
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Examples of connections

Thanks to the connection between TimeChimp and Zapier, you can simply a lot of business processes. These include:

  •  Creating a customer in TimeChimp automatically after winning a deal in Salesforce
  • Creating a project in TimeChimp automatically after creating a project in Asana
  • Creating a customer in TimeChimp automatically after creating a card in Trello
  • Creating a timesheet in TimeChimp automatically when a scheduled event starts in Google Calendar
  • Adding new timesheets in TimeChimp to a Google Sheet spreadsheet automatically
  • Connecting with Office365 and having the timer start in TimeChimp as soon as a calendar item starts in Outlook

This is just a small selection of the possibilities that a connection with Zapier offers for simplifying your workflow. Try it out for yourself and see how easily TimeChimp and Zapier can work for you!

Integration with Trips in the Cloud

  • Automatic connection with Trips in the Cloud
  • Simple trip logging and mileage registration
  • Realtime overview of your fleet
  • Save on communication costs
  • Available on mobile with the iOS and Android App
  • Perfect for Fleet Managers and SMEs
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Trips in the Cloud

Trips in the Cloud consists of a GPS Tracker with a SIM card that you put in your car and which then logs all your trips automatically. All trip data can  be viewed subsequently on the Trips in the Cloud website or app (Android and iPhone). It saves all your journey data history so that you can expense it. On request, you can also provide it to the Tax Authorities to avoid additional taxation of your company car. Tax proof!

You can automatically log your journeys with TimeChimp, thanks to the connection with Trips in the Cloud. This gives you realtime insight into your mileage. The project manager has a direct overview of the fleet and can track the whereabouts of all vehicles realtime.

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Service by TimeChimp

As a partner of Trips in the Cloud, we ensure a seamless connection with TimeChimp. Save time by logging trips automatically. No more manual entry! Would you like to try out TimeChimp and its connection to Trips in the Cloud? Then start our free 14-day trial now! Do you have any questions about this connection? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. TimeChimp is suitable for every organisation. We are happy to help entrepreneurs with the right systems. Easy does it.

Integration with Datafox

  • Track time quickly, easily and accurately
  • Real time insight into everything registered
  • Fast registration via finger scan or badge
  • Access control and attendance control
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About Datafox

Datafox Benelux is the distributor of Datafox GmbH products in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Datafox GmbH develops and produces innovative electronic data collection systems that help companies to increase their profitability. Continuous development has made Datafox the technical leader in embedded data collection systems.

Datafox offers a wide range of ergonomic and practical mobile or fixed terminals for data collection and access control. Users capture data quickly, accurately and easily without any possibility of manipulation. You use this solid data for correct accounting & payrolling, detailed calculations, robust planning, management and optimisation. Datafox delivers transparency!

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Connection between TimeChimp & Datafox

It’s easy to connect the TimeChimp time clock system to Datafox hardware. Employees can clock in easily with a badge, for example, that gives you realtime insight into start and end times as well as the presence of employees.

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