Clock-in clock-out system

A clock-in clock-out system makes it easy for employees to track the hours they work. This prevents unwieldy time registration files in Excel. A clock-in clock-out system is a watertight system that ensures that worked hours are always tracked and saved. A huge advantage for organisations!


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Advantages of a clock-in clock-out system

TimeChimp has an online clock-in clock-out system so that you always have accurate time tracking. What are the advantages of a clock-in clock-out system?

  • Employees track their hours themselves with ease
  • Lower margin of error
  • Time administration is always clear
  • No administrative chaos
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How does a clock-in clock-out system work?

A clock-in clock-out system registers the moment when employees clock in and therefore start working, as well as when they clock out and end their shifts. This way there is always good oversight of hours worked. You can use this data for salary administration, for example.

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TimeChimp's clock-in clock-out system

A clock-in clock-out system must be easy for employees to use so that they can focus on their jobs and not loose a lot of time clocking in and out. TimeChimp makes clocking in and out easy. TimeChimp works in the cloud, so that employees can register their hours at any time, wherever they happen to be. All employees have a personal pincode which they use for clocking in and out. This prevents fraud and accidental mix-ups. Therefore  you always know who is working what hours – so useful! It is also possible to take a photo when clocking in, to build in an extra check. Because TimeChimp is an online clock in clock out system, the tool sends the hours you’ve worked to your personal digital environment automatically. This is where you have access to useful dashboards and where you can register your leave and overtime. As a result you always have insight into the goings-on in your organisation.

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Is clocking in and out compulsory?

In The Netherlands, it is not compulsory to clock in and out. But a clock-in clock-out system is useful for demonstrating overtime hours. The responsibility for registering overtime belongs with the employer.

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Tracking mileage and declarations

As well as the clock-in clock-out system, you can also log your trips and declarations with TimeChimp. In next to no time, you can register things like business trips to customers or expenses incurred for work. This means that you keep records not only of the hours you work, but also your travel and expenses, in a single place. You can do a 14-day trial of TimeChimp without having to provide payment details.

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