Staffing rosters

Creating and maintaining a clear staff roster is often a time-consuming and challenging job, especially when you do it on paper or in Excel. Time you’d rather spend on something else. That is why many companies are switching to staff rostering software to create work schedules easily. TimeChimp makes creating a staff roster a piece of cake.

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Quick and easy staff rosters

It’s easy to schedule your employees with TimeChimp by drawing up standard and repeating shifts. You can then simply drag this into the roster for a specific employee and you can always adjust it as necessary too. As well as standard shifts, you can also create shifts per employee too.

The employee then simply records the hours actually worked with our time clock or mobile app for example.

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Indicating availability and accepting shifts

To make things even more efficient, employees can indicate their availability in TimeChimp. The planner sees this availability directly in the work roster and on the strength of this can draw up a staffing plans with the employees available.

It’s also possible to work with open shifts where employees are invited to work for particular shifts. You can determine which employees are invited for a particular shift. The employees can either accept or decline. This gives employees greater control over their own schedules.

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Always have an accurate work schedule

TimeChimp lets you indicate the optimal staffing for a staff roster. By inputting the number of shifts (exact, minimum or maximum number) that the roster must fulfil, you can determine immediately whether or not the staff roster meets requirements. This way you can easily keep an overview of your staff planning and your roster is always accurate.

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Budgeting for time and costs

Easily draw up a budget per day or per week on the basis of hours or salary costs and plan shifts according to available budget. You can set a budget for a specific location, position and/or employee. At any time you can see how much budget you have left, so that it’s not only quick to make a roster, but you can also see if it concurs with budget hours.

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