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All-round workforce management tool

TimeChimp offers an all-round workforce management solution for enterprise customers. Employees can easily track their worked hours, as well as (sick) leave. There is also the possibility to log expenses and trips. Make foolproof staffing rosters based on availability and budget. Employees can submit their availability in the app.

Does your company work on project-by-project basis? TimeChimp also offers a tool for project management. Easily track the (financial) status of all the projects without hassle. Easy does it.

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Helpful workflows with our integrations

TimeChimp believes in working together. Not just with colleagues, partners and customers, but also with software tools. TimeChimp offers integrations with multiple tools like CRM-systems, HR software and payroll software. Apart from that we also offer hardware systems to clock in and out, like Datafox. Our API also allows you to build an integration yourself. The integrations improve your workflows and make your work more efficient. Easy does it.

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Projectmanager, Bam Infra

TimeChimp ensures up-to-date insight into hours worked. All our users are positive.

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Rob Laan

CFO, Redwave

The automation process of which TimeChimp is part resulted in a cost saving of 150,000 euros per annum.

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