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Herakles Pharma Staffing and CR2O are two separate organisations within the Life Sciences industry and belong to the same group. Herakles Pharma Staffing is a recruitment, selection and secondment agency and CR2O is a Clinical Research Organisation. Despite their differences, both organisations use TimeChimp to their great satisfaction.


“My name is Steven Bierman and I work in a support role within the finance department of Herakles Pharma Staffing and CR2O. Two businesses that serve the pharmaceutical industry in totally different ways. In 2018, I decided, with management’s approval, to look for a new software package in the time tracking field. It didn’t take long for TimeChimp to catch my eye. It was clear that it could satisfy pretty much all our needs. The colleagues I showed it too were soon won over, as a result of which we now use TimeChimp to our great satisfaction.”

Herakles Pharma Staffing

“At Herakles Pharma Staffing, we’ve been recruiting staff for large and small pharmaceutical companies for about 12 years. We provide various services. Above all the recruitment and selection of staff for clients and the secondment of personnel – ie of people on the Herakles payroll – to clients.

TimeChimp comes into play with the latter.  Namely, it provides the convenience of having seconded colleagues track their hours, expenses and travel in an accessible and clear way. After which this data can been approved by their manager at the click of a button. I draw up an invoice as soon as I receive this approval. Perfect! Everything in a single package which makes it very efficient, and everything with good functional software and friendly employees who are always there for you when you have questions.”


“But this is not the only organisation where we make enthusiastic use of TimeChimp. We do that on every CR2O project too. CR2O is a fast-growing, ‘full-service’ Clinical Research Organisation which develops new medicines together with their internationally recognised academic partners from  industry and healthcare. CR2O is closely involved with carrying out clinical research in the fields of immunology and infectious diseases, oncology, clinical nutrition and very current virology/vaccine development. CR2O has a few dozen projects at home and abroad and uses TimeChimp to track time and expenses.”

Different organisations, the same advantages

“Despite big differences between these two companies’ projects, TimeChimp provides full options and choice for managing hours and expenses according to preference. Everything from hourly invoices to milestones drive Clinical Research. The many connections that TimeChimp offers to well-known software packages is a nice addition. I have recently started using the Power BI connection. As a result, I can now translate all information recorded in TimeChimp into beautiful management reports too.”

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