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Van Ameyde’s mission is to improve their customers’ performance in the area of claims and risk management and to help people or businesses that have suffered damage. Their customers include insurance companies, intermediaries, fleet managers, risk managers of large companies, and captives.

Van Ameyde provides innovative claims and risk management solutions for all sorts of non-life insurances. Van Ameyde also develops flexible IT functionality to further improve the efficiency of claims’ processes and to prevent fraud.

Why TimeChimp?

“We have been using TimeChimp for a few years for tracking our consultants’ performance. It’s simple and user-friendly to use. When we have problems we can get in touch with the help service quickly via the chat and we get good, fast help. Since we started using TimeChimp we lose much less time on producing invoices. This application is also an easy and enjoyable tool for other internal and external users.”



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