Meet the team - Jevgeni
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Meet the team: Jevgeni, our lead .NET developer!

In ‘Meet the Team’ laten we je het gezicht achter TimeChimp zien. Wie zijn al die knappe koppen die TimeChimp steeds weer een stukje beter, gebruiksvriendelijker, sneller en veiliger maken? En wie heb je eigenlijk aan de lijn of zit er achter de chat wanneer je contact opneemt? Kortom, ‘wie’ is TimeChimp eigenlijk?

Dit keer stellen we onze eerste internationale collega aan je voor, namelijk onze lead . NET developer Jevgeni! Aangezien iedereen zichzelf voorstelt en dus ook zijn of haar eigen stuk schrijft is onderstaande in het Engels. Overigens spreekt (en vooral verstaat) Jevgeni inmiddels al een aardig woordje Nederlands!


Hi! I’m Jevgeni and I was born in Estonia. I’m a passionate .NET Developer and recently moved to the Netherlands. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!


I’m currently a lead .NET developer in TimeChimp. However, I’d like to tell you a short story about how I became one.

While being a student, I was eager to do some coding. Any coding! Seriously! However, when you have no experience… Good luck. After multiple turndowns from several companies, ABB was the one that accepted me.

  • Level 1: ABB. It’s not an IT company but was certainly a nice place to start. I’ve quickly learned how to code in .NET, I’ve read multiple (and especially big) .NET books and colleagues started to entrust me with building Windows Forms programs. Six months was enough to get overwhelmed by the work & stress so I left to focus on my studies.
  • Level 2: Finestmedia. This is the longest where I’ve ever worked. It was smooth sailing. The job was as standard as it can get though: build & maintain ASP MVC forms. By the way, I have never written so many unit tests in my life! Moving on…
  • Level 3: Genius Sports. The company focuses on creating solutions for betting in sports. I was in the risk management team and all my teammates were international. I learned a lot, like how to build microservices, messaging systems and a lot about Dev Ops mentality.
  • Level 4: Travix. This is when I moved to the Netherlands. One of my best decisions ever! I was put on the payments team. I’ll never forget those first weekends sitting near the canals, drinking beers and getting to know all these new people. While being a .NET professional, I’ve got a lot of experience doing React as well as learning how Google Cloud Platform works with Kubernetes. Time for something bigger and better…
  • Level 5: TimeChimp. This is so far the best workplace I’ve ever been in! And I’m not just saying that because Wouter & Fred are reading this as well. Not only is everyone friendly towards me, but I actually get to do a lot of interesting and challenging work. The tasks & responsibilities encourage you to think about good domain design and building proper event sourcing solution. I get to be myself, contribute to the team & company and still learn everyday.


As I’m a developer I’ve written down a list of ‘who I am’ instead of writing a compelling story. To each its own, right?

These are some of the things I like to do:

  • running
  • biking
  • playing computer games
  • playing chess
  • drinking beer
  • stocks/trading/crypto
  • learning languages
  • bouldering
  • playing the piano
  • playing squash
  • playing board games
  • music festivals

Still, coding is my favorite activity to do, even after doing it all day. During my spare time I’ve done some hobby projects, tried game programming (from Unity to DirectX), participated in startups (portal for selling art, portal for selling cars, portal for tracking deliveries), tried machine learning, and the list goes on. Oh boy, what a time to live in!


Interesse om te werken bij TimeChimp? Check dan onze vacatures. Staat er niks tussen voor je? Dan kun je ook altijd een open sollicitatie sturen naar See you later!

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