Country Manager (Germany)

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We think the SaaS tool TimeChimp is going to conquer the world. However, we could use some help to satisfy our hunger for expansion. That’s where you come in!

New Chimp


Depending on experience






40 hours a week


You possess the entrepreneurial spirit and understand how to bring a tool to the German market. You have years of experience selling a SaaS product. Like no other, you know the SaaS market, and you get your daily fix of energy from creative solutions and ambitious goals. You know what is going on in the German market, who our competitors are, and how to best position TimeChimp. Communication comes easy to you, and your work is structured. You know how to do market research and transform results into opportunities and challenges for TimeChimp, and together, you turn these challenges into action points and make them happen. You work closely with the CEOs and the product owner and notify them proactively about your progress and opportunities for TimeChimp.




  • Working in the fast-paced SaaS-world
  • Giving presentations and demo’s on a regular basis
  • Being the ambassador of TimeChimp Germany
  • Closing deals and reaching targets
  • Asking the right questions to the right people to make them realize a need they didn’t know they had
  • Setting up a partner network in Germany from scratch
  • Doing market research and transform results into opportunities and clear action points
  • Building & guiding your own team
  • Working in a young and ambitious company, where a good work-life balance is a must


  • You master the German written language
  • You have ample experience (5+ years) in selling a SaaS application.
  • You are intelligent and business savvy. Whether you have the papers to prove it or a good story, we don’t care.
  • You have experience as a team lead (pre)
  • You are a good listener and can communicate just as well
  • Your work is structured to realize the ambitious goals
  • You can analyze information and extract valuable insights
  • You have excellent communication skills when it comes to Dutch, German, and English


Primary perks

25 leave days

Bummer voucher

Christmas gift

DJ skills


Flexible hours

Hybrid working



Macbook Pro

Office screen

Pension plan


Referral bonus

Self development

Snacks & Drinks

TGIF drinks

Travel allowance

Meet your colleagues

Foto Fred

Fred Al

Founder & CEO

Next steps

1. Call with HR

First, a short call with HR for an introduction.

2. Meet & greet hiring manager

Next, you'll have an in-office chat with your hiring manager.

3. Homework

Depending on your role, you might have some homework.

4. Confirmation conversation

Tough words, but an easy objective This will be an informal first meeting with your team.

5. Welcome

If all goes well, we'll have you onboarded and rocking in no time!


Great! Let us know! You are more than welcome to send us your resumé, cover letter, video, or mood board about yourself to Just do whatever makes you happy! We are curious to hear your story.

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