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With your infectious enthusiasm you love to spread happiness in the world. Not completely coincidental we have developed a product which makes it possible for you to do so. Do you dare to take on the SaaS-world? Read on!


The world! Well, that’s the plan at least, but for that, we need your help. Born out of the experience (read: frustrations) that our founders Wouter and Fred had with regards to time registration, the solution ‘TimeChimp’ was brought into this world. This company first saw the light of day in 2015, bringing the philosophy of ‘keeping it simple’ into the world of time management within the Netherlands. It turned out that many more work processes could use a touch of this philosophy, and so, TimeChimp became more and more of a complete work management platform. Now, we don’t want to be selfish and keep it all to ourselves so, we want to share it with the world. And that’s where you come in.


Besides from watching great tv-series, you also get psyched from sharing your enthusiasm, reaching targets and secretly from over-achieving on those (whether you turn on Barney Stinson’s ‘Get Psyched Mix’ is all up to you, although we highly recommend it). You get energy from contacting prospects, ambitious goals and you have that confident, no nonsense, work ethic that gets you anywhere. You also have a “Dutch” (read: direct) way of communicating and don’t beat around the bush, because your work is after all a serious business. You know how to talk to various types of people and somehow, they all seem to get along with you. You have a knack for asking the right questions, getting to talk to the right people and getting information out of their heads and expose the needs they didn’t even know they had. You are eager to learn the ins and outs of business development in the SaaS-world and have the ambition to become amazing in your field. You know that great things never came from comfort zones (yes, we stole this quote) and would like to roll up those sleeves and work your way up. You’re also a nice person to hang out with and like to contribute to other stuff going on in the organization whilst drinking a beer on Friday afternoon. So basically; you’re a business development unicorn.


There you are, with a decent cup of coffee and your laptop, ready to start the day. In order to begin, you briefly discuss the planning of the day with the colleagues from Sales and Marketing. Then it’s go-time: you can start spreading the beloved word of happiness by calling, calling and calling some more. Some people weren’t ready yet for your happiness, but you’ve managed to leave a great impression. You scheduled various demos and worked your way through a great part of the task-list in our CRM.
Time to blow of some steam! All that calling and talking made you hungry, so you have lunch with the rest of the team and challenge them to compete with you in a game on the Arcade-machine. After all, you’re a competitive person. They aren’t that easy to defeat, so luckily for you it’s now time for a Marketing brainstorm session. Going over-excited on post-its and unrealistic ideas, you gave your feedback from all the contact moments you had with prospects, for a new sparkling campaign. It was a great session, however, there is still a huge list of tasks to do, so you get back to those. Having successfully informed several prospects about the possibilities of TimeChimp, it’s time to close the day. You update all the information in our CRM and can look back on a productive day.


  • You have a HBO-degree in Business or a similar background. We don’t care too much about that paper, we’re just looking for the best people out there!
  • You are a starter and eager for a job to show your skills! You have done an internship in acquisition and maybe even have some work experience?
  • You have knowledge of business processes and organizational structures.
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills in Dutch (native or C2) and English (at least B2), so we would be comfortable unleashing you on our clients. Any other European language is a plus!
  • You have excellent phone, writing and listening skills.
  • You are a self-starter who has a desire to learn, grow and excel in your role.
  • You have familiarity with working in a CRM tool (we work with Hubspot).
  • You have an understanding of (and are interested in) the SaaS-industry.
  • You can work with weekly activity goals.
  • You have excellent documentation skills on activities.
  • You are ambitious, enthusiastic, honest, driven, you have humor, you are amicable, super-positive, social, eloquent and structured.


  • Money, within the range of € 2.000 – € 2.200 (depending on experience).
  • Target-based commission up to 20% of the salary.
  • Travel allowance for your trip to our Amsterdam HQ. Need to visit one of our amazing clients? We’ve got it covered!
  • 25 vacation days, as long as you’ll at least pretend that you’ve missed us.
  • Access to our ever-expanding company library, where you can find the inspiration to determine the growth and direction of your career, as input for your very own growth plan we’ll set up with you.
  • Flexibility. You can do your job anytime and anywhere, as long as you don’t miss our Monday-meetings. Or the Friday-afternoon drinks, but who would want to miss that?
  • A great office in Amsterdam to meet, focus, brainstorm, lunch, talk, chill, play games and admire our TimeChimp-graffiti-art.
  • Making a difference. Yes truly! We are a growing company and every role has a major impact on our growth. So, bring on your best game and most creative ideas. We’ll provide the sticky notes and the deodorant.


Great! Now we need to know that as well. So, send your resume and motivation to and we will get back to you.

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