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As a senior front-end developer, you will be in charge of building the front-end for our new application Caesar, which will become an international success.


The world! Well, that’s the plan at least, but for that, we need your help. Born out of the experience (read: frustrations) that our founders Wouter and Fred had with regards to time registration, the solution ‘TimeChimp’ was brought into this world. This company first saw the light of day in 2015, bringing the philosophy of ‘keeping it simple’ into the world of time management within the Netherlands. It turned out that many more work processes could use a touch of this philosophy, and so, TimeChimp became more and more of a complete work management platform. Now, we don’t want to be selfish and keep it all to ourselves so, we want to share it with the world. And that’s where you come in.


Besides watching great tv-series, you also like to create applications from scratch. You get energy from creative solutions, ambitious goals, and working with your like-minded team to achieve those. You pick up the positive vibe easily and have a can-do-mentality of your own. You also have a “Dutch” (read: direct) way of communicating and don’t beat around the bush, because your work is after all a serious business. You know your stuff and can make (technical) decisions which you can explain to others in a clear way. You understand business and can plan & organize your work to realize that business. And, of course, you love clean code. You enjoy building and improving features and you understand that system maintenance is a part of that as well as the occasional bug destruction. Oops.


You will of course start your day with having coffee where you have the choice if you join the TimeChimp early-birds in the office, or just wake up a bit with the (smaller) rest of the team. After a short stand-up with your team, you can all get to work. You have a quick meeting with the Product Owner and the UX designer to dot the final i’s and cross the final t’s for the feature you’re working on right now. That was certainly helpful, and you can work on that straight away, only to be interrupted for a lunch break with the entire team and a walk outside to the Westerpark.
All freshened up you can start your afternoon by kicking some ass on finalizing that feature. It is such an amazing feature, that you quickly prepare a demo presentation so you can show this to the entire team during the Friday afternoon-drinks. You now deserve some game time on our new Arcade machine, where you try to beat Wouter’s score on PacMan. The Caesar-team has a brainstorming session planned for that afternoon. After creating an artwork of sticky notes it’s time to call it a day.


  • You are seriously a master with React. No one has to explain something about React to you.
  • Of course, you also have knowledge about HTML 5 / CSS3, large scale Single-Page-Applications, Typescript, Jest, Cypress, and CSS-in-JS frameworks.
  • You have experience with building scalable apps from scratch and therefore also with making architectural front-end decisions.
  • You can propose and advise on a long-term / short-term planning and development roadmap to the Product Owner for your sanctuary called the front-end.
  • Your skills include testing (both component and end-to-end) and the use of metrics.
  • You can work Agile and preferably have Scrum experience. Perhaps you’re even a Scrum Master?


  • Money, don’t worry.
  • Travel allowance for your trip to our Amsterdam HQ. Need to visit one of our amazing clients? We’ve got it covered!
  • 25 vacation days, as long as you’ll at least pretend that you’ve missed us.
  • Access to our ever-expanding company library, where you can find the inspiration to determine the growth and direction of your career, as input for your very own growth plan we’ll set up with you.
  • Flexibility. You can do your job anytime and anywhere, as long as you don’t miss our Monday-meetings. Or the Friday-afternoon drinks, but who would want to miss that?
  • A great office in Amsterdam to meet, focus, brainstorm, lunch, talk, chill, play games and admire our TimeChimp-graffiti-art.
  • Making a difference. Yes truly! We are a growing company and every role has a major impact on our growth. So, bring on your best game and most creative ideas. We’ll provide the sticky notes and the deodorant.


Great! Now we need to know that as well. So send your resume and motivation to and we will get back to you.

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