Leave registration

Everyone who works is entitled to (un)paid leave. In a company with several employees, registering leave becomes very important. This way both you and your employees know exactly how much leave they’ve taken and when. What’s involved in leave registration and how do you make sure it’s done properly? Read all about it in this article.

A visual that shows how to adjust the schedule if someone has worked too many hours
A photo of someone on vacation in a mountain, with the timechimp module that allows you to request leave

How does leave registration work?

Everyone knows that you are legally obliged as an employer to grant your employee(s) leave. There are various ways of registering leave, but ideally you use a system that works both for you and your employees.

  • Real time oversight all the time, everywhere
  • Easy to register your leave on your laptop, phone or tablet
  • Employees have their own dashboards with salary statements
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What sorts of leave are there?

The Dutch government has determined that there are several sorts of leave to which every Dutch person is entitled. What sorts of leave are there and what rules govern them? There are 5 main sorts of leave.

  • Pregnancy and maternity leave
  • Birth leave and parental leave
  • Care leave
  • Special leave
  • Emergency leave
A visual showing all leave types that can be tracked in TimeChimp
A visual of the timechimp interface showing how to request weekly leave

Leave registration software makes it easier

When employees submit requests for leave, these have to be approved by their manager or supervisor. TimeChimp’s leave registration software allows your employees to request leave from their manager or supervisor quickly and easily. This means that you always have insight and you prevent misunderstandings about whether leave days have or haven’t been granted because all your records can be found in your leave registration system.

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Advantages of leave registration software

Has one of your employees called in sick or has someone requested a holiday? If your colleagues have to do this by telephone or email or Teams or Slack, chaos soon ensues and you lose oversight. Our leave registration system offers a solution. Everyone applies for leave via TimeChimp and you get to know who is free and when.

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