Insight into your organisation

Good oversight of your organisation prevents a lot of misery. When you know what’s up, you can prevent chaos, misunderstandings and avoidable mistakes. Good reports are super important. TimeChimp ensures that you are accurately informed about hours worked, leave, the status of current projects and invoices, and more. Easy does it.

Een afbeelding van de user interface van timechimp die laat zien hoe je je verlof in de gaten kunt houden met timechimp
A photo of a man covered by a user interface showing PTO

Maximum overview with minimum effort

Making reports and overviews really doesn’t need to be time-consuming and complicated. TimeChimp, with its handy filters, lets you make clear reports easily and quickly. Would you like an overview per user or for a specific data? No problem! The right filters ensure that you can see how your organisation is performing at a glance. Connect to Power BI to get even more out of TimeChimp.

Advantages of TimeChimp reports

  • Creates clear overviews with filters
  • Exports reports to PDF and CSV
  • Immediate insight into projects, leave, costs and more
  • Creates easy timesheets for your customers
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A user interface showing a bar chart with worked hours, overtime, sick leave and PTO
A visual of the TimeChimp PTO dashboard

Make billing transparent

Time tracking is important in many organisations. It lets you keep an overview, both internally and for the customer, of hours worked and therefore of the costs to be invoiced too. TimeChimp makes billability easy and transparent for many organisations. Both employees and the customer know exactly where they stand and so can make adjustments at need.

Connect TimeChimp to other tools

It’s easy to export TimeChimp overviews to a PDF or CSV file, so you can share them with your customers. Want to use the data from TimeChimp in another tool? No problem! TimeChimp has connections to many other tools, such as Twinfield, MoneyBird, AFAS and more. This makes it easy to import and export data which makes your work day a lot easier. Super handy!

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