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Do you want your employees to be able to clock in and out easily whatever their location? TimeChimp’s digital time clock keeps track of hours worked automatically and always gives you an overview of your teams’ presence. The time clock ensures that employees can clock in and out quickly and easily, making time registration a lot easier!

A visual showing that users can clock in using their own code with the timechimp time clock
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Time tracking with the TimeChimp time clock

The software works in the cloud, so you can use the time clock anywhere where you have an internet connection. It is also possible to make a separate digital time clock per location, so that your employees are immediately linked to a location when they clock in. It’s very useful!

How do you clock in and out? Every employee gets a personal pincode which they enter immediately after selecting their name. Would you like to carry out a further check to prevent fraud and mix-ups? Then choose the setting that allows a photo to be taken of the employee as they clock in.

The digital time clock connects automatically to your TimeChimp environment, where you always have a good oversight. In addition to hours worked, you also record (sick) leave and overtime there so that your time administration is always in order and available.

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The advantages of a time clock

TimeChimp’s time clock ensures that time administration takes less long and prevents errors from being made. The advantages of a time clock are:

  • Easy and quick to register hours
  • Smaller margin of error
  • Time administration is always clear
  • No specialised hardware required
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An illustration depicting how a time clock can be set up in multiple locations
An interface showing the clock in screen and all its users from the timechimp time clock

How does a time clock work?

Old-fashioned, analogue time clocks worked by having employees scan in with a badge upon arrival and out again upon departure when they had finished their work. TimeChimp’s digital time clock works with a time clock app which you can install on any device. Hours worked show up immediately in your TimeChimp environment, which means that you have a nice overview of hours worked per employee. You don’t only use this overview to stay in control, but also for your administration and salary payment.

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Other features

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