Time tracking for consultants

  • Easy time tracking for employees
  • Your entire invoicing process via TimeChimp or connect your accounting package
  • Integration with Power BI for elaborate dashboards
  • Insight on declarability, (sick) leave, hourly rates and revenue per employee
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Insight on your organisation

Monitor projects, employees and financial processes without any hassle, track hours whenever and wherever you are within seconds.

A user interface showing a bar chart with worked hours, overtime, sick leave and PTO
A user interface showing the timechimp project planning module

Easy to use

TimeChimp believes in simplicity. Start tracking with our easy-to-use tool and app. Use our customer portal to show the progess of project and have them approve (worked) hours, expenses and trips.

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Save time and know what’s going on in your organisation. TimeChimp makes work easier and more efficient. Perfect for consultants.

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Efficient project management

Manage your consultancy projects efficiently with our integrated time registration tool. Record every minute, plan effectively, and optimize resources for successful consulting projects.

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Een illustratie die laat zien dat timechimp het middenpunt is van je werkzaamheden en eenvoudig koppelt met andere tools

More than 25 integration options

Our easy time tracking tool integrates seamlessly with consultancy tools such as Jira, Moneybird, and Zapier. Avoid duplication of work, save time and optimize your workflow.

Our users about TimeChimp

99% would recommend TimeChimp
Kevin de Heer
Kevin de Heer
Manager Finance,
Ahold Delhaize

We use the information we get from TimeChimp for project management purposes. In addition, we also register the other activities so that the time administration is complete. Because we write conclusively, we can now do analyses at all hours and activities. In turn, we use these analyses for better future planning.

Roderick Koster
Manager Finance & Control
Solid Professionals

In particular, TimeChimp has provided us with a lot of insights; such as developments in the declarability of our employees, absenteeism, hourly rates and turnover per customer. The connection with Power BI is also very valuable for us here.

BAM Infra

TimeChimp provides up-to-date insight into the booked hours. All our users are positive. And because we work a lot with Excel, the ability to export the data from TimeChimp to Excel was also a real prerequisite for us to choose TimeChimp.

Helpful features

User interface die laat zien hoe men voortgang kan zien van hun project via een dashboard
User interface die laat zien hoe klanten via het klantenportaal inzicht krijgen in de voortgang van hun project
User interface die laat zien hoe men uren kan bijhouden


How does the free trial period work?

The trial period is without obligation. Once you input all your company details, you get full access to our tool with all its features. You can ask for help via the chat and are invited to an online demo. At the end of these 14 days you can choose to delete all test data or keep the trial version including your data by activating your subscription.

How is the subscription price calculated?

For all subscriptions you pay a fixed rate per user per month. This rate depends on the subscription you choose (Basic, Business, or Professional) and whether you want to pay monthly or annually. You can cancel a monthly subscription from one month to the next, while an annual subscription continues until the end of the subscription period (with a minimum notice period of 1 month). An annual subscription is much cheaper, given that the user price is significantly lower than with a monthly subscription.

If you have 5 people using TimeChimp and select an annual Basic subscription, you pay 7 euros (single user price) x 5 (number of users) x 12 (months) = 420 euros per year (or 35 euros per month).

Note: You get a €2 discount per user licence for annual subscriptions. This can not be combined with temporary discounts like the Black Friday offer.

Is it easy to change to a different subscription at a later date?

If you want to switch to another subscription, you can do this yourself in the tool. If it’s an upgrade, it will happen immediately, regardless of whether you have a monthly or an annual subscription. In the case of a downgrade, this will be reflected from the following month in your monthly payment. If you pay annually, the downgrade will occur on the payment date. If you choose to pay annually, you get a discount on your invoice.

Do you also have special prices?

We offer 4 packages, namely Basic, Business, Professional and Enterprise. You pay per user per month and you get a discount on the user price if you opt for annual invoicing. Do you have more than 25 users? Then you fall into the Enterprise category and we’ll make you a bespoke offer. Get in touch with us without obligation or send us an email to sales@timechimp.com.

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