Integration with Power BI

Connect TimeChimp to Power BI and create extensive reports with your TimeChimp data, without having to export and import the data yourself.

  • Data transferred directly from TimeChimp to Power BI
  • Quick start with 4 different dashboards
  • Ability to create your own dashboards
  • Immediate insight into the most important results
  • Making data-driven decisions

an illustration that shows that timechimp is at the center of the workflow and connects with other tools, including powerbi
A photo of a laptop and tablet, where the laptop shows 2 graphs. This is covered by a piece of interface with a budget progress graph and a performance graph.

Everything in one overview

Get started right away with the four standard dashboards we’ve have set up. These transparent reports give you direct insight into your organisation’s results. This lets you steer your organisation on the basis of data-driven decisions.

This gives you insight into management information, time tracking and project management and an employee overview. It includes turnover figures, average sick leave percentage, percentage of billable hours, average hourly rate, trend in hours, your top 10 projects, etc. As well as the standard dashboards provided by TimeChimp, you can also create your own dashboards or adjust the ones that are there already.

On top of that, you can also import data from other tools into Power BI so that you can create a total overview of your organisation. The possibilities are endless!

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