Time tracking: simple & fast

Your work day is complex enough,  time tracking doesn’t have to be the same. At TimeChimp we make time tracking easier for everyone – especially in project based industries like IT or consultancy.

  • Project management meets time tracking. Manage your projects and hours in one place for improved productivity.
  • Flexible time registration. Track your time anywhere with TimeChimp's mobile app or in the browser on your laptop.
  • Integrations. Seamlessly integrate your favourite payroll or accounting software.
  • HRM module. Get insights in leave, sick leave and overtime – anytime.

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Tracking time with the TimeChimp tool.
A visual of a user interface where users can add time using timechimp and it wil show in the tool

Perks of our time registration software

Time registration is often not your employees’ highest priority or most fun task. TimeChimp makes time registration a lot easier and more fun. The app allows you to track your time in no time.

  • Quickly track time on your laptop, phone or tablet
  • Always insight on (sick) leave and overtime
  • Different integrations with tools like Visma Nmbrs, Twinfield and Exact
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Allround workforce management

Apart from time registration, TimeChimp also offers other solutions in terms of workforce management. TimeChimp allows you to:

  • Track expenses and trips
  • Manage projects from start to finish
  • Make and send quotes and invoices
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A visual showing all leave types that can be tracked in TimeChimp
Een illustratie die laat zien dat uren die geschreven worden kunnen worden goedgekeurd door de manager

Connect TimeChimp and your other tools

At TimeChimp we believe in the art of working together. That’s why we offer integrations with different other tools, to make your job easier. There are integrations available with payroll softwares, accounting packages and HR tools. Easily import and export data and have everything in one place. Easy does it.

Examples of integrations:

  • Datafox: clock in with hardware
  • Trips in the Cloud: Automatically track trips with GPS
  • King Software: Automatically transfer orders from King to TimeChimp for time registration
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Our users about TimeChimp

99% would recommend TimeChimp
Kevin de Heer
Kevin de Heer
Manager Finance,
Ahold Delhaize

We use the information we get from TimeChimp for project management purposes. In addition, we also register the other activities so that the time administration is complete. Because we write conclusively, we can now do analyses at all hours and activities. In turn, we use these analyses for better future planning.

Roderick Koster
Manager Finance & Control
Solid Professionals

In particular, TimeChimp has provided us with a lot of insights; such as developments in the declarability of our employees, absenteeism, hourly rates and turnover per customer. The connection with Power BI is also very valuable for us here.

BAM Infra

TimeChimp provides up-to-date insight into the booked hours. All our users are positive. And because we work a lot with Excel, the ability to export the data from TimeChimp to Excel was also a real prerequisite for us to choose TimeChimp.

Other features

A card showing timechimp can synchronise with google calendar, outlook calendar and apple calendar
A card showing the timechimp Time clock, where a user can clock in using a pin
A card of the timechimp interface showing approval

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