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At TimeChimp, we believe in collaboration. This is why we have various partnerships to provide our customers with the best possible service:

  • Affiliate partner
  • Integration partner
  • Implementation partner
  • Value-Added Reseller

Would you like to partner with TimeChimp? Then enter your details in the form below and tell us which partnership you’re interested in. We’ll be in touch shortly.

Affiliate partner

As an Affiliate partner you offer TimeChimp to your target group via specific marketing or word of mouth advertising. For example, blogs, social media posts, podcast, etc. You can introduce leads through a unique link and when they become customers, you receive a commission.

Integration partner

As an Integration partner, we share an API intermediary between your software and TimeChimp’s with the goal of simplifying the work processes of a joint customer.

Implementation partner

As an Implementation partner, you have in-depth knowledge of TimeChimp. You advise your customers about TimeChimp, and help them where necessary with its implementation and management.

Value-Added Reseller

As a Value-Added Reseller you use TimeChimp on top of your own service(s), to offer a total solution to the end customer. We are part of the total proposition, while you as a partner maintain contact with the customer.

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