Integration with AFAS

  • Automatic link between TimeChimp and AFAS
  • Track time and expenses easily
  • Approve hours easily
  • Invoicing in TimeChimp or directly in AFAS
  • Available on mobile with the iOS and Android App
  • Perfect for SMEs
an illustration that shows that timechimp is at the center of the workflow and links with other tools, including Afas
A photo of someone handing over a pen and a document to another person with a user interface that shows that you can add hours to invoices

AFAS Online

AFAS Online is AFAS’s cloud platform in which it offers its software. The cloud platform ensures that the software is stable and quick to access and is always up-to-date and backed up. AFAS invests continuously in its platform hardware so you always get to work with the most modern technology. Thanks to the connection with AFAS Online, you don’t have to worry about the installation, updates, backups and security of your server. AFAS and TimeChimp do that for you.

It’s easy to track your time, expenses and travel in TimeChimp and export them to AFAS. You also have a realtime overview of hours worked and you can work on a project with multiple employees. The project manager has direct insight into the number of hours booked on a project. Additionally, TimeChimp has a useful function for exporting your hours to Excel or PDF. You always have access to your data while on the road thanks to the iOS and Android App, even without an internet connection.

Service from TimeChimp

As an AFAS partner, we ensure a seamless link with TimeChimp. Save yourself time by viewing hours, invoices and expenses at a glance. Want to know more about the TimeChimp connection to AFAS or about our other applications? Then start the free 14-day trial! Any questions about this connection? Please contact us. We are suitable for any organisation and are happy to help entrepreneurs with the right systems. Minimal effort, maximum overview!

An illustration of timechimp's user interface that shows that you can customize an invoice with various elements, including a logo

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