Project management tool

Whether you carry out projects for customers or internally, you need to have and maintain a good overview. A project management tool can help you here. It means you’ll always know the status of your project, so you can communicate easily with your customers and make adjustments where necessary. Super handy!

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What is the best project management tool?

It goes without saying that when you’re on the lookout for a project management took, you want to choose the best. What should you be looking for in a good project management tool? Good project management software meets the following criteria:

  • Easy tracking of time and expenses
  • Accessible for you and your customer via a customer portal
  • Insight at a glance into the status of your projects
  • Easy to set up to meet your requirements
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Tracking time and expenses

Whenever you’re working on a project, it’s important to be able to track your time. Not only in order to be able subsequently to invoice your hours to your customer, but also for yourself and your team. This lets you know how much time you’ve already spent on the project and if things are still running to plan. It’s important to keep track of expenses too, including things like costs for travel and materials. Not only is TimeChimp a good project management tool, but it’s also the best tool for time tracking. It ensures that you have all your data in one place so that you’re always up to date on the status of your projects.

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Insight into projects

Would you like to see the status of an ongoing project at a glance? That’s something that a good project management tool can do for you too. Useful dashboards and reports provide you with the insight that you need. You can generate all the reports you need with TimeChimp on the basis of filters that you select yourself. Would you like to use data from another tool too? No worries! TimeChimp has connections with various other tools, including Twinfield, AFAS and Yuki. This means that you can import other data easily and you always have all your information in one place.

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Easy invoicing

Have you finished a project? Great! Now it’s time to invoice the customer. It’s helpful to use a project management tool you can also invoice from. You can easily process hours and expenses recorded into your invoice, and then send it off to the customer for approval and payment. Easy does it!

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