Time sheets

TimeChimp makes it easy to make timesheets. Both for you and your employees. Track your time, expenses and/or travel and get a grip on your organisation.

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Why are timesheets important?

As stated above, timesheets are important both for you and your customer. This is how you show what work has been accomplished in the hours that you invoice and for which you are paid. Did you know that a timesheet provides you with a lot of insight too? You can see what you spend most time on and get to reflect upon how you would like to approach this in the future with a new customer.

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What is a timesheet?

Timesheets allow you to account for time spent. Both customers and employers can request them. They show exactly what was done during the hours billed and who did what. A time tracker program keeps a clear record of the number of hours worked, and allows you to retrieve these registered hours and duties if someone asks you for timesheets.

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Excel timesheets

Many beginner entrepreneurs and freelancers make their timesheets in Excel. That’s logical because Excel is an accessible and widely used computer program. Yet it’s a real challenge to register your hours in Excel, particularly as your organisation grows and gets busier. TimeChimp ensures good and accurate timesheets and that time tracking is easy and enjoyable. Easy does it!

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Advantages of TimeChimp timesheets

  • Easy to track your time on your laptop or phone
  • Perfect for all organisations
  • Useful export function
  • Invoice hours to customers automatically
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Track time, travel and expenses

Do you want to track travel and expenses as well as time so that you always have an accurate overview? No problem! TimeChimp ensures that you always maintain good records and can share them with the Tax Authorities at need.

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