TimeChimp Subprocessors

We have partnered with a number of parties in order to ensure good service to all our customers. Most of these parties store your personal data. These partners are considered subprocessors according to the GDPR. See our processing agreement here.

We have agreements with all our subprocessors to process your personal data securely and guarantee your privacy.

We have placed our services with Microsoft Azure. These data centres are located in Amsterdam and the backup is located in Ireland. Microsoft provides security, automatic backups and a firewall and protects your data against, among other things, theft and hardware and software problems.

SendGrid is used for sending all emails from TimeChimp, including approval emails, invoices and quotations. The data is stored in the Microsoft Azure data centres in the Netherlands. The backup is located in Ireland.

Intercom is used for the chat function between our employees and our customers. This is where the name, email address and optional phone number are stored. Their data is on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Stripe takes care of the subscription invoicing to our customers. The data stored in Stripe is name, email address, billing address and optional phone number. Their data is on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Part of the authentication for logging into TimeChimp is done via Auth0. Auth0 handles the login process using the username and password. The data is stored on European servers (Germany) and the backup is in Ireland.

Sentry is used to collect error messages that occur in Application. The data contains the email address, the technical company ID and the corresponding error message. The data is stored on Amazon Web Services’ secure servers in Virginia (USA). They comply with EU-U.S. regulations. Privacy Shield.

HubSpot is our CRM that stores the contact details of our customers. This concerns the name, email address and optional telephone number. This data is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the United States East region.

Feedback Company
We use Feedback Company to post customer reviews. It is possible to write reviews about TimeChimp via the Feedback Company website. The processing of data consists of the name and the email address.

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