Meet our team

Meet the our team players who continuously make TimeChimp better, faster, safer, and more fun! Would you like to strengthen our team? Check out our vacancy page!

Founders 🦍

Foto Fred

Fred Al

Founder & CEO

Foto Wouter

Wouter Baltus

Founder & CEO

Operations 🧠

Foto Fabienne

Fabienne Veenman

Operations manager

Sales 💰

Foto Stefan

Stefan Rekers

Head of Sales

Foto Nick

Nick Dekker

Sales Associate

Foto Yoran

Yoran Kapper

Business Development Representative

Marketing 🌱

Foto Brendan

Brendan Dekker

Head of Marketing

Foto Sophie

Sophie van Hal

Content marketeer

Customer Success 😄

Foto Jasmine

Jasmine Hakkert

Head of Customer Success

Foto Stephanie

Stéphanie van Dee

Customer Success Manager

Foto Hidde

Hidde de Koning

Jr. Customer Success Manager

Creative 🌈

Foto Stijn

Stijn van der Gragt


Product 🎨

Foto Robin

Robin van Kappel

Head of product

Foto Niki

Niki van Koningsbruggen

UX Designer

Foto Hidde

Hidde Ottens

Lead Frontend Developer

Foto Ihor

Ihor Lavrov

Senior React Developer

Foto Bohdan

Bohdan ...

React Developer

Danill ...

React Developer

Foto Olha

Olha Kryzhanovska

React Developer Trainee

Jevgeni ...

Lead Backend Developer

Foto Dennis

Dennis Spaan

Backend Developer

Foto Bram

Bram Goos

Fullstack Developer


.NET Developer

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