Digital invoicing

Invoicing is an essential part of any business. After all, you’d struggle to pay your staff and your bills if you didn’t send out invoices. The invoicing process can be time consuming, but fortunately you can invoice digitally nowadays. That frees up time and relieves you of frustration, which is great!

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Invoicing software

You need invoicing software to make and send digital invoices. Various sorts exist, each with their own pros and cons. What do you need to think about when choosing invoicing software? It’s good to think ahead about what you want to get out of the tool. Do you want software that only invoices or are you looking for a workforce management tool which can also handle HRM processes and track time? Talk to different people in your organisation so you can draw up an inventory of requirements. Then request a free demo from a supplier, such as TimeChimp. This way you’ll get to see and experience the possibilities and advantages of billing with invoicing software.

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What is digital invoicing?

Automatic invoicing ensures that invoices are sent to your customers automatically for each time period. The invoice also gets automatically processed in your administration so that you always have a good overview of your financial administration. Did you know that all businesses that do work for the Dutch Government are obliged to automate their invoicing? Good invoicing software is essential for automatic invoicing.

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What is an UBL invoice?

Once you start talking about digital invoicing, the term ‘UBL invoice’ is bound to crop up. Lots of paper invoices used to be sent out in the past, but in our digital world that happens less and less. The Dutch government has given paper and digital invoices equal standing, so you are no longer obliged to print invoices. A UBL invoice is a standard format electronic invoice. This type of file ensures that your accounting package or invoicing software can communicate directly with your customer’s so that nothing has to be input by hand. Nowadays, most government agencies require you to use UBL invoices when you work for them.

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The advantages of digital invoicing

At TimeChimp we are digital invoicing fans because we want to make ‘boring’ jobs easier and less time consuming. What are the advantages of digital invoicing for you?

  • Save a lot of time when creating and sending invoices
  • Always have a good overview of your finances
  • Minimal chance of human error
  • Faster invoice processing

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