Project planning

As an entrepreneur, you need not only accurate records as a result of easy time tracking, but you also want to know where your employees are needed. Our planning tool helps you with this. It lets you schedule employees and projects easily and create a clear overview. Both for yourself and for your employees.

A visual of the timechimp project planning module
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A list of some of the advantages

  • Planning for projects and employees
  • Scheduling employees with ‘drag and drop’
  • Repeat planning on a daily/weekly basis and planning ahead
  • Easy to export planning to Excel
  • Employees can see planning
  • Easy for employees to retrieve planning online
  • Availability of each employee clearly visible
  • Planned time can be seen directly in project dashboard
  • Direct insight at project level into total budget hours vs. planned budget hours
  • Distinction between planned, budgeted and actual hours
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Smart project scheduling

You get direct insight into the hours that have been budgeted for compared to the hours planned and actually worked. Additionally, employees can retrieve their planning and submit it immediately if it is correct. It makes tracking that bit easier and saves valuable time. In this way, TimeChimp helps you and your employees to focus on business. Because ultimately that’s what matters.

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Een afbeelding van de user interface van timechimp die laat zien hoe je iemand anders aan een shift kan koppelen
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A collection of elements from the timechimp approval process
A visual of the timechimp time registration module

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