Tracking hours

Keeping track of hours ensures proper oversight and prevents misunderstandings and chaos. You know exactly who’s taking leave when and how many hours have been worked. How do you make sure that you keep proper track of your hours? TimeChimp makes tracking hours easier and more fun!

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Make it easy to keep records of your hours

Keeping records of hours ensures that you and your employees know exactly where your business stands. How many hours have been worked for a given customer and how many days holiday employees are still due. You then use the hours recorded for your salary administration, for example. Keeping records of hours worked is never one of your employees’ favourite tasks, often because it takes up a lot of time. This is why TimeChimp has created an easy and clear tool, where you can register your hours quickly. This way you always have an oversight of ongoing business and your employees don’t loose too much time on it.

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Recording hours in Excel

In the past, a lot of organisations recorded hours in Excel. This has become an obsolete system because recording the hours you work in Excel involves a lot of unnecessary actions, leading to a great risk of errors. Not only is it quicker and easier to keep records of your hours in an app, it also ensures that you always have oversight and that there’s a lower threshold for employees to register their hours.

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Recording expenses and kilometres

Do you and your colleagues cover a lot of mileage for work and do you submit expense declarations too? It’s important to maintain accurate records and invoice these to your customers. Therefore, you can track not only your hours, but also your kilometres and expenses in TimeChimp. For example, upload a receipt and register mileage covered, both privately and for business purposes. That way you always have maximum oversight and everything is kept in one place.

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Connect to other systems

Do you work with an accounting system or an HR/Payrolling tool? Great! TimeChimp has connections to various other tools so that you can always sync with other applications and you never have to transfer things over by hand. Import customers quickly and easily, or export hours to your accounting system. Our connections include Exact, Yuki, AFAS and Twinfield.

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Other features

Time clock

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Trip logging

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Approving hours

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