Integration with Informer

  • Automated accounting (robotic accounting)
  • Direct (BTW) VAT return + iDEAL payment
  • Automatic communication between TimeChimp and Informer
  • Free package for public benefit organisations
  • Process expenses easily with Scan & Recognise
  • 30-days free trial with Informer
an illustration that shows that timechimp is at the center of the workflow and links to other tools, including informer
A photo of someone handing over a pen and a document to another person with a user interface that shows that you can add hours to invoices

TimeChimp and Informer

Informer stands for making it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to do their own bookkeeping. Informer believes that every successful entrepreneur should be on top of their numbers and seeks to help you with that. And because of its connection with TimeChimp, time tracking is very easy too!

Connect TimeChimp’s time tracking to Informer and simplify your administration. Freelancers and SMEs can easily keep their own books with Informer, while their advisor, accountant or bookkeeper keeps an eye on things at no extra cost. But the self-employed and SMEs can do their VAT (BTW) and income tax returns without an accountant too. And thanks to the connection with TimeChimp, time tracking is also very easy.

Easy with TimeChimp

The connection with TimeChimp makes it super easy to keep track of hours, journeys and expenses. You can easily keep a record of your hours on the TimeChimp mobile app, and this is then automatically tranferred to your Informer accounting package! Would you like to experience all this convenience for yourself? Start a 14-day, no obligation TimeChimp trial for free now. Additionally, trial one of InformerOnline’s accounting packages for 30 days, free of charge and without obligation, as a freelancer or small business owner.

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