Referral bonus general terms and conditions

The TimeChimp Referral Bonus invites TimeChimp customers who are users or administrators of a paid (monthly or annual subscription) TimeChimp environment (the Promoter) to earn referral bonuses by inviting Recipients (explained below) to make use of the TimeChimp Referral Bonus program. The Referral Bonus Terms and Conditions below apply to both the Promoter and the Recipient (hereafter called collectively “Participants”) when participating in the above program.

TimeChimp reserves the full right to suspend, change or terminate the Referral Bonus Terms and Conditions at any time for any reason. If a Referral Bonus has already been earned in accordance with previous Referral Bonus Program Terms and Conditions prior to such a suspension, termination, or amendment, it will be honoured at all times.

The recipient acknowledges that by participating in the TimeChimp Referral Bonus, TimeChimp has the right to share the name and status of the subscription on the Promoter’s Referral Bonus page to inform the Promoter of the status of the earned reward. Specific figures regarding the Recipient’s subscription fees will not be shared.

Referral Bonuses
A Referral Bonus can be earned in the following ways:

  • The Promoter shares the unique link as shown on the TimeChimp Referral Bonus page
  • The relevant person who receives the link (the “Recipient”) can register as a new customer (ie as a unique person or legal entity at TimeChimp) with the Promoter’s unique link
  • The Recipient takes out a subscription of at least one year and pays for it. There is no limit to the number of Referral Bonuses that the Promoter may receive. Each Recipient can only use a Referral Bonus link once, regardless of whether the Recipient has received or accessed several Referral Bonus links from different Promoters. Both the Recipient and the Promoter shall only be eligible for the Referral Bonus and associated rewards if successfully referred after 1 September, 2019.

TimeChimp shall determine at its sole discretion whether the Promoter and the Recipient have complied with the Terms and Conditions of the TimeChimp Referral Program. Upon proper compliance with these terms, it shall be confirmed that the Promoter and Recipient have earned the reward, as described on the TimeChimp App ‘Referral Bonus’ page. The reward shall be processed automatically for participants who receive a Referral Bonus. The Promoter’s reward is sent manually from TimeChimp via email.

The discount is not valid in combination with other discount promotions or upon quotation prices.

Show referral bonus links
The Promoter shall ensure that the publication of its unique referral bonus link does not violate any currently applicable anti-spam laws. The Promoter indemnifies TimeChimp against all claims that may arise from unauthorised forwarding or sharing of the unique link.

The referral bonus program is targeted at personal and non-commercial use. It should only be shared with personal or business contacts of the Promoter who may reasonably be expected to appreciate receiving this link. TimeChimp will not share any privacy-sensitive information about either the Promoter or the Recipient.

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