Time registration and more

Time registration is the key to having and keeping an overview. Employees track their worked hours and (sick) leave in TimeChimp and you know exactly what’s going on. Easy does it.

  • Different ways to register time; mobile app, desktop or punch clock
  • Easy integration with your accounting package
  • Allround workforce management solution
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time registration
time registration

Perks of our time registration software

Time registration is often not your employees’ highest priority or most fun task. TimeChimp makes time registration a lot easier and more fun. The app allows you to track your time in no time.

  • Quickly track time on your laptop, phone or tablet
  • Always insight on (sick) leave and overtime
  • Easy export to Excel or PDF
  • Easy to send your invoices
  • Different integrations with tools like Visma Nmbrs, Twinfield and Exact

Allround workforce management

Apart from time registration, TimeChimp also offers other solutions in terms of workforce management. TimeChimp allows you to:

  • Make staffing rosters
  • Track expenses and trips
  • Manage projects from start to finish
  • Make and send quotes and invoices
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Easy does it

Try time registration and all the other functionalities that TimeChimp offers for free for 14 days and find out how easy time registration can be.

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Connect TimeChimp and your other tools

At TimeChimp we believe in the art of working together. That’s why we offer integrations with different other tools, to make your job easier. There are integrations available with payroll softwares, accounting packages and HR tools. Easily import and export data and have everything in one place. Easy does it.

Examples of integrations:

  • Datafox: clock in with hardware
  • Trips in the Cloud: Automatically track trips with GPS
  • King Software: Automatically transfer orders from King to TimeChimp for time registration
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