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  • Exporting data from TimeChimp to Excel
  • Easy feedback via in-application message
  • TimeChimp ensures up-to-date insight into hours worked
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“You can make a clear distinction in TimeChimp between someone who is an administrator, someone who grants approval, and someone who tracks time, by adding or removing certain functions. Because we work with Excel a lot, the ability to export data from TimeChimp to Excel was also a real requirement for us when choosing TimeChimp. TimeChimp provides up-to-date insight into hours worked. Additionally, administrators can easily give people feedback via a message within the application. That’s a real advantage. It’s an accessible application, not only for the user, but also for the person who grants approvals, and the administrator.

TimeChimp is also very good to work with. We can send an email and get a reply back very quickly. We also sometimes see opportunities for improvements to the app and they are absolutely open to this feedback. All our users are positive.”


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