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  • Super customer service and easy-to-use
  • The fact that all data is available in real time is a huge plus
  • We can now manage our business much better
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BRIQUE is a broadly-focused architectural firm with extensive experience in the construction of homes, schools, hotels, offices and public buildings. They make buildings and interiors that are at once beautiful and functional; that meet their clients’ aspirations as closely as possibly. They share a love of building with consideration for the people within the building. Their strength lies in their personal approach, where the process is as important as the end result. This practical attitude ensures that they bring their designs into being within budget and on schedule, without losing sight of aesthetics.

What was it like for you before TimeChimp?

“We were on the lookout for an affordable tool which was suitable for our way of working and contracting. We accept commissions on a fixed price basis and therefore want insight into the total hours relative to this total amount. A lot of time-tracking systems are more targeted at businesses that bill by the hour. Additionally, we wanted it to be easy to use, clear, simple and clean.”

“Before we started using TimeChimp, we worked with several complex Excel models. These were never up-to-date and it was a challenge to filter the right information. Nowadays, we lose a lot less time on maintaining the system and we always have insight in real time. This is a huge advantage. We can now manage our business a whole lot better.”

What did TimeChimp do for you in practice?

“TimeChimp saves us time, because it works much faster than the Excel models of the past. It is so user-friendly, especially with the app, so that time records are better maintained. This has increased our insight into our team’s billability and time, even more than we initially anticipated with TimeChimp. The fact that all data is available in real time is a huge plus.”

What are TimeChimp’s biggest plus points for you?

“It’s wonderful to have so much freedom in how we use the program. We can configure everything ourselves. Data is easy to filter, so we can pull out what we need at any time. As well as that, it is very user-friendly, well-arranged and we receive a quick response to questions or problems.

We are very pleased with the invoicing module too. By invoicing from TimeChimp we have more insight into unpaid invoices and our clients’ terms of payment. It’s really easy to send reminders; this saves a lot of time every month. The connection to Yuki is ideal, although it doesn’t always work flawlessly. The easy trip logging has also delivered time savings. It is now much easier to make travel expense declarations.

After fumbling around with Excel for years, it’s wonderful now to have a tool that meets our needs; which, just like us in our design work, puts the user in first place. This means we can work on what we do best; making beautiful buildings.”

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