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“It’s ease-of-use for employees is worthy of note”
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IZER stands for Integrale Zorggroep Eerstelijn Rijnmond and is a healthcare group for general practitioners in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region. IZER is committed to improving the quality of healthcare for the chronically sick and older people. IZER pursues this goal by increasing healthcare providers’ knowledge, supporting family doctors and creating a strong network by making good collaboration agreements.

IZER organises and structures integrated care by creating and setting up care programmes. Furthermore, it supports their affiliated general practices by deploying practice nurses for the implementation of these integrated care programmes. IZER now has more than 200 (GP) members and more than 80 employees.

 What has TimeChimp done for you?
“Our employees have to add their hours to TimeChimp every week, and on the basis of this, we invoice the general practitioners. This saves us a lot of time and ensures accurate invoicing. Furthermore, it doesn’t take our employees much time and it is a clear programme. Above all, its simplicity and ease-of-use for employees are worthy of note.”

How do you use TimeChimp in practice?
“We use the project module to keep track of how many hours have been registered at each doctor’s practice, and must therefore be invoiced. But we can also keep track of things like compensation hours, training hours and, for example, parental leave. It’s easy to approve all the hours in the approval module, so that they can no longer be changed by the employees themselves.”

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