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  • TimeChimp is easy to use and affordable
  • TimeChimp provides us with greater insight into the use of our resources, so that we can use them more efficiently
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MeerMKB BV is an organizational consultancy firm that focuses on SMEs. MeerMKB works with around 20 advisors and employees. MeerMKB works throughout the Netherlands. MeerMKB advises on financial management, internal organization, marketing, HR and risk management. MeerMKB's coaches guide entrepreneurs in their personal development.

Let me introduce myself

“My name is Pim van der Horst and together with Roel de Jong, I founded MeerMKB. Before that, I worked in banking and IT.”

Why TimeChimp?

“MeerMKB has grown rapidly and the number of ongoing projects is around 100, so it was important to understand which projects are planned and how the hours per project are. We also wanted to know how the (invoicable) hours were distributed between which types of projects, activities and advisors. With Excel, our CRM or our accounting package, that is an impossible job. Now we are also going to record our “overhead hours” in TimeChimp.

We use Twinfield and we wanted an hours/project system that links to Twinfield. The system also needed an app that is easy to use “in the field” by our employees. That's how we ended up at TimeChimp. The fact that we were able to 'play' with the system first made the decision to continue with TimeChimp easier. In addition, it's easy to change the subscription: users are easy to add or remove.”

TimeChimp benefits

“TimeChimp gives us much more insight into the use of our resources, so we can use them more efficiently. Reports from TimeChimp are easy to generate and meet the needs. Reports for both internal use and to the customer. TimeChimp also ensures a good workflow (where the customer and management can be integrated) when authorizing entered hours.

TimeChimp is also easy to use and affordable. In our advice to SMEs without project administration (where necessary), we therefore highly recommend TimeChimp.”

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