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  • TimeChimp provides our organisation with extensive and flexible options
  • Clear and very easy to use
  • Option to gain detailed insight into the hours spent per customer, project, employee and activity
  • Good value for money
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THOON is an organisation for general practitioners in the Twente region. THOON relieves general practitioners of their burdens in the area of employment, among other things. THOON employs nurses and practice managers who can be deployed by general practitioners.

Why TimeChimp?

Our former time tracking package no longer met our needs, whether those of the user or those of the organisation. We found TimeChimp on the internet.  Thanks to TimeChimp it has become easier for our employees to register their hours. TimeChimp’s user-friendliness has had the positive effect that fewer errors are made during registration. We now have faster insight into the time spent per employee and per project. The turnaround time of the invoicing process has also speeded up considerably.

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