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Overview begins with tracking

Get insight into the hours you work, your leave, travel and expenses. Never get surprised again.

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Time tracking

Insight into the hours you work

Track your hours wherever and whenever you want with our handy app. Save time and maintain an effortless overview of hours worked. Our online time tracking software is ideal for teams and gives you immediate insight into your projects.

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Expenses and declarations

Your administration always to hand

Easily keep on top of your expenses and declarations, thanks to our mobile app. Scan images of your receipts and declare your expenses wherever and whenever you want.

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Trip logging

Keep easy track of your mileage

Easily track how many kilometres you travel, such as travel to and from work or business trips for your customers. This way you’ll always have proper records.

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Manage your projects like a pro

Know where you stand with your projects. Track time and progress and discover challenges and opportunities.

Project management

Always up-to-date

A precise project management tool which gives you insight into your ongoing projects at any time wherever you happen to be. It couldn’t be easier!

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Maximum overview with minimum effort

Clear dashboards make sure that you always know how the organisation is doing. Generate reports based on useful filters, like specific periods, users and dates.

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Customer portal

Always transparent with your customers

Would you like to give your customer an overview of the hours you’ve worked and let them approve them? Then make use of our customer portal. No more hassle with creating Excel overviews or PDF timesheets. Create immediate overviews for customers.

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Make finances more transparent and easier

Know what invoices have been sent and what payments have been made. TimeChimp makes your financial administration easy.


Send your invoices and payment reminders

TimeChimp lets you invoice your customers quickly and easily. You know exactly which invoices are outstanding and which have been paid and it’s easy to send payment reminders.

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Make quotations and send them to your customers

Easily create quotations and send them directly to your prospect. Have the quotation digitally approved and signed to make your workflow considerably faster and better.

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Lower likelihood of invoicing errors and corrections

First the customer approves the data on the invoice, before the final invoice is sent. This prevents unnecessary errors.

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Always up to date on HR matters

Know exactly what’s happening on the personnel front. So it’s always clear both for you and your employees, from planning to leave.

Leave registration

Clarity around leave

Employees submit their requests for leave and you approve or reject them. This way you always know who is free or sick when. It’s also easy to track overtime and you always have all leave hours recorded in one place.

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Check hours worked

As a manager or team lead you approve the hours your employees have worked before they are processed. This way you always have an overview of hours worked and you can make adjustments where necessary.

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Staff planning

Create clear work schedules

Always have a well planned work schedule, based on your employees’ availability. Employees know where they stand and you know that there are always enough people at work.

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More features


Teamwork makes the dream work

At TimeChimp we believe in best-of-breed. Every business has its speciality and so do we. That’s why we provide you with links to various other tools to make your work as easy as possible. You can even use our API to import data to our tool.

Our users on TimeChimp

99% would recommend TimeChimp

Roderick Koster

Manager Finance & Control, Solid Professionals

More than anything, TimeChimp has provided us with a lot of insights. These include developments in our employees’ billability, sick leave, hourly rates and turnover per customer.

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Projectmanager, Bam Infra

TimeChimp ensures up-to-date insight into hours worked. All our users are positive.

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Rob Laan

CFO, Redwave

The automation process of which TimeChimp is part resulted in a cost saving of 150,000 euros per annum.

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