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Good HR software is essential for your HR department. It ensures that you always have an overview so you’re always aware of what is going on, from leave to hours worked and declarations. Everything’s clear and in one place with TimeChimp. Easy does it.

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Make HR easier and more fun

Personnel administration has to be done but it takes a ton of time. You might prefer to be focusing upon strategic HR, your employees’ job satisfaction or making sure that everything is running smoothly on the work floor. TimeChimp’s HR software makes your administrative jobs that bit easier and faster, so that you have time for the things that really matter.

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The advantages of HR software

HR software is essential for organisations which want oversight of personnel matters. By having everything in one place, you always know what is going on and you don’t get surprises.

  • Less time spent on administration;

Automate and simplify your administrative procedures, so that you can regain some of that time. As a result, you’ll have more time over for talking to your employees, for example.

  • The helpful dashboards provide you with oversight at all times, wherever you happen to be;

You know what’s happening in your company thanks to useful reports and dashboards. These might include things like who is on holiday and how much sick leave was taken within a given period.

  • Integration with accounting packages;

Do you use an accounting package? TimeChimp has integrations with various accounting packages so it’s easy to import and export data.

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HR software for employees

TimeChimp’s HR tool isn’t only useful for HR professionals, but for employees too. For example, they have their own portal, which they can access on their computers or via an app for mobile. This allows them to quickly and easily submit leave requests,  expenses and time, which is then approved by their supervisor. You and your employees can always view this data, so that everyone knows what is going on.

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