Sick leave and overtime

Sick leave and overtime are all things you deal with a lot as an organisation. Alongside other payments to employees and therefore other costs too. Getting this right matters to prevent misunderstandings and confusion.

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Keeping overtime records

Overtime is when employees work more hours than agreed in their contract. TimeChimp lets you keep track of overtime automatically which is really useful! When you assign work in TimeChimp, overtime is automatically credited and included in your salary administration. You always know how many hours and how much overtime has been worked so you never get surprises.

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Organise leave registration

From time to time, employees fall sick or go on holiday. Keeping on top of leave is important both for the organisation and for your employees. This allows everyone to be informed at all times about the presence or absence of their colleagues. It’s easy for employees to make requests for leave in TimeChimp, and it’s also easy for you to approve it there. It’s also provides you with a clear view of sick leave so that you can always stay up to date.

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A visual depicting the user interface from timechimp and how users can add mileages to a project

Tracking time, travel and expenses

It’s not only overtime, sick leave and allowances that are important for your Human Resources administration, but the tracking of hours, travel and expenses are too. This allows you to communicate   with customers and employees more easily and you always have a good picture of the status of your organisation. TimeChimp makes managing your organisation easier and more enjoyable. Easy does it!

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