Making quotations

Organisations often have to make quotations to bring in customers. You provide the potential customer with an indication of a project’s cost to give them the fullest picture possible.  Many organisations spend undue amounts of time preparing and sending out quotations – and that’s such a waste! TimeChimp lets you create quotations quickly and send them to your potential customers straight away.

A visual of the timechimp billing module that shows that your project can add hours to an invoice
A photo of a person signing a document containing the timechimp quote module

Making quotations easily

TimeChimp helps you draw up quotations and send them off in next to no time. It’s easy to make an estimate based on hourly rates for employees or activities that you have entered into TimeChimp, and make your quotation from this. This saves you masses of arithmetic, and time too, of course. The quotation is drawn up straight away in your company’s house style.

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Digital approval

Potential customers can approve and sign quotations digitally, which is very helpful! All this takes place in TimeChimp’s customer portal. The customer receives a unique personal link, which gives them access to the customer part of your TimeChimp environment. This makes your work duties that bit easier. No more hassle with printing and sending back and forth.

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A visual that shows that you can easily send a quote from timechimp
A visual that shows that you can easily convert a quote into a project

Convert your quotation into a project

Has your quotation been approved? Have you converted your prospective customer into an actual customer? Congratulations! It’s easy to convert your quotation into a project in TimeChimp. That means that you have good project management from the get-go and can always stay up to date with the status of your project. Employees track their time and expenses on the project and you give your customer access to the project via the customer portal, so that they can always approve time and expenses. This helps avoid misunderstandings and your customer feels more involved in the project.

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Convert your quotation into an invoice

Is the project complete? Then it’s time to draw up your invoice and send it off. You can use the data that has been input into TimeChimp to make your invoice. Because TimeChimp has links to different accounting packages, you don’t have to create the invoice twice and you have all your data in a single place – the right one. It’s really handy! You also send the invoice from the tool and if you don’t get paid on time, you can follow up with a payment reminder. Easy does it.

A visual that shows that you can easily convert a quote into an invoice

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