Integration with Unit4 Multivers

  • Automatic connection between TimeChimp and Unit4 Multivers
  • Register hours, trips and expenses easily
  • Easy invoicing via TimeChimp or Unit4 Multivers
  • Handy export function of your hours to Excel or PDF
  • Available on your mobile with the iOS and Android App
an illustration that shows that timechimp is at the center of the workflow and links to other tools, including unit4 multivers
A photo of someone handing over a pen and a document to another person with a user interface that shows that you can add hours to invoices

TimeChimp and Unit4 Multivers

It’s easy to track your hours and expenses with TimeChimp and export them to Unit4 Multivers. Our tool also gives you a realtime overview of hours booked. What’s more, TimeChimp is very suited to work on projects with multiple employees or in teams. The project manager has direct insight into the number of hours booked on a project. Furthermore, TimeChimp has a handy export function for your hours to Excel or PDF. You always have access to your data on the go via the iOS and Android App. On any device, even without an internet connection.

By connecting TimeChimp to Unit4 Multivers, you can invoice directly in Unit4 or export sales entries to Unit4 very easily, quickly and error-free. This saves you time and prevents you having to enter data twice.

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