Do you want to get the most out of your organisation? Then keep on analysing your company’s performance so you can keep on moving forward. To ensure that your employees are – and remain – productive, you need to know what’s going on within your organisation. TimeChimp gives you the insight you need.

User interface die laat zien welke mensen er werken en welke er vrij zijn
Een foto van een man die nadenkt met een pen in zijn hand en voor hem staat een laptop. Daarvoor is een stukje user interface te zien met daarop de voortgang van ht projectbudget

Know what's going on in your organisation

Is essential to know what’s going on in your organisation. Things like (sick) leave, billability and retention. TimeChimp makes it easy for your employees to register leave, track time and arrange HRM matters. On the basis of the data they enter, you see clear dashboards that show you how your organisation is doing at a glance. This helps you make good decisions easily, for example, for hiring more staff.

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Always an overview

It’s important to have an overview. You won’t have to work with large batches of data to make dashboards any longer. TimeChimp will do that for you. You can easily retrieve the right data for your dashboards with filters that you select yourself. It’s also easy to connect other tools to TimeChimp, like your bookkeeping or payroll packages, so that your data is always complete and you get the full picture.

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A visual of the timechimp project planning module
A visual showing all leave types that can be tracked in TimeChimp

Make billing transparent

When you work for customers, it’s important that your team’s productivity is sufficiently high. That way you ensure not only that projects are completed within their deadline and budget, but also that you make a profit too, of course. This is how you keep your business healthy and your relationship with your customer good, which may bring you in more business too. Time tracking in TimeChimp is quick and easy, and as a result you always have insight into your team’s productivity.

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Collaborating on projects

Collaboration is important within an organisation but it’s is also important that it goes well and smoothly. TimeChimp makes sure that collaboration is not only easier and more enjoyable, but also that you give your customer easy insight into what you are working upon. Keep on top of the status of projects in the tool, track hours and expenses and give the customer access to the customer portal. This lets you involve your customer in the project and lets them approve the hours worked immediately, after which you can send them the invoice. Easy does it!

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User interface die laat zien hoe verschillende mensen samen kunnen werken aan een project

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