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Make a staffing plan

Create work schedules easily and share them directly with employees. So that everyone knows when they have their shifts.

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Project management

Always have insight into the status of your project, from budgeting to time tracking. Get the most out of your projects without it taking too much time.

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Monitoring productivity

Analyse performance and get the most out of your organisation. Use insights you get from TimeChimp to make sure your employees are productive and stay that way.

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Insight into your organisation

Get real time insight into your organisation with reports. TimeChimp makes sure that you’re fully up to date with hours worked, leave and the status of ongoing projects and invoices. Easy does it.

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Workflows for smarter working

Work together like a well-oiled machine, both within your organisation and with external parties. TimeChimp makes this easy for you.

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Invoice your customer directly with your hours, travel and expenses. TimeChimp makes your administration easier and faster and reduces the likelihood of errors.

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