Workflows that work

Working together like a well-oiled machine. Collaboration is essential within organisations, both internally and with external parties. Enlist TimeChimp’s help to get the most out of working together. For example, approve hours and expenses easily, create schedules, monitor the status of projects and create reports. Additionally, connect easily with other tools to optimise your workflows.

Een illustratie die laat zien dat timechimp het middelpunt is tussen verschillende integraties zoals afas, exact, visma nmbrs en hubspot
A photo of two people covered by a user interface showing that shifts can be traded

Creating schedules and accepting shifts

Do you work for an organisation with a schedule? Staff planning can sometimes be a challenge, but not with TimeChimp. Create a schedule easily, send it to your team and receive notifications when shifts get accepted. This way you know that your schedule is watertight and that you’ll always have enough people at work. And if something changes later? No worries, it’s easy to adapt the schedule.

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Involve your customers in projects

Would you like to involve your customers in your projects? Then make use of the customer portal. Your customer will receive a personalised link to their TimeChimp environment, where you can display the project’s progress. Things like hours worked and costs. It’s also easy to use this for the customer to approve hours worked, after which you can draw up your invoice and send it off. The customer portal lets you give your customer insight, which makes communication easier and faster. It’s so handy!

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A visual of the overview that can be found in the customer portal
A visual with various elements of the customer portal

Manage your projects like a pro

Good project management is essential to ensure that your projects get completed within their deadline and budget. TimeChimp gives you a good overview of current projects, so that you can easily make adjustments at need. For example, take a look at the handy dashboards, which show you the status of a project immediately. Everyone working on a project can also track their hours easily, so that you can know exactly whether or not you are running to plan.

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Handy features

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