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  • TimeChimp’s user-friendliness
  • Flexibility of time tracking methods
  • Provision of fast and good help
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AllPhi is an ambitious and independent consultancy that is driven to ‘enable’ its software developers in Microsoft.NET. Based on personal competences and preferences, it looks to give the most suitable assignment to each consultant.


Dorus is AllPhi’s CFO and he is responsible in this role for everything to do with finance, marketing, HR and facilities. Together with his team, he looks after about 100 employees.

What issues did you encounter before starting to use TimeChimp?

“In 2019, during a staff meeting, it became clear that time tracking was an area that needed to be improved. The system we had at the time, and which had been built in house, was not user-friendly. So we looked for a solution that was easy to use and met my own and the team’s requirements, which included simple time tracking with the ability to register leave. We began by looking for all-in-one packages that met our requirements. It quickly became clear that no solution existed for this, so we started looking further.

The search and decision went quite quickly once we abandoned the idea of ​​all-in-one packages. Our CEO came across TimeChimp by chance via Google. After seeing TimeChimp, the working group charged with finding a suitable (total) solution was quickly won over. TimeChimp came out on top because of its ease of use and UX.”

What does TimeChimp provide you in practice?

“Above all, TimeChimp provides us with a reduction in frustration and resentment. The previous package was a hassle in terms of time tracking. Some records had to be entered twice and the entire process was quite slow too. The best compliment we can give is that during our last staff meeting where all employees were allowed to ask questions, no one raised time tracking. This means that time tracking is now running smoothly.

We mainly use TimeChimp from an HR perspective, in order to keep track of and monitor time worked and time taken as leave.”

Which features stand out for you?

“Not a specific feature directly, but above all speed of tracking and the option to copy over hours or weeks. In addition, the flexibility of ways in which to track time is also very nice. For example, with the timer, the start and end time, or by simply entering an x ​​number of hours.

It’s also very useful to be able to make declarations straight from TimeChimp and not to need a separate system for this. TimeChimp means that we no longer need to process these declarations through email or paper copies.

And the open API is also a boon for us. We have set up a link ourselves via the API through which absence requests are pushed to TimeChimp via another system. This means that employees do not have to make registrations twice.”

What is working with TimeChimp like?

“We enjoy a good relationship with TimeChimp. We always get quick answers from the support department or our customer success manager. If we encounter a problem, a solution is found for us in a short space of time. We are very satisfied with TimeChimp!”

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