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Rodeo vs TimeChimp

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Wat zijn de verschillen?

Learn the differences between TimeChimp and Rodeo for time tracking
van TimeChimp en Rodeo, zodat jij snel de juiste keuze kunt maken.

Time registration✅ Easily register hours, expenses and trips with various registration methods. ✅ Easily record hours and expenses with various recording methods.
Project Management✅ Clear project dashboards.✅ User-friendly project management through insight into project phases.
Invoicing✅ Create invoices quickly and easily in your own layout.✅ Connect your own accounts, but with limited integration options.
Integrations✅ Connects with 25+ tools, including: Zapier, Exact and Snelstart. ✅ Connects with just 5 integrations, including: e-Accounting, Basecone, and Yuki.
API✅ Clear API documentation for easy data import into the tool.❌ No API available.
Dashboards✅ More organized than Rodeo thanks to graphs for total hours and budget.✅ Reporting option for projects provides overview by showing multiple items at a glance.
Mobile app✅ Yes❌ No
Customer service✅ Reachable via chat and phone.✅ Reachable via chat
Suitable for whom?✅ IT, consultancy, construction, infrastructure and agencies. ✅ Creatives, consultancy and independent entrepreneurs.

Simpel en snel overstappen naar TimeChimp

We begrijpen dat overstappen naar andere software geen eenvoudige beslissing is. Maar, geen zorgen: we maken het voor jou zo makkelijk mogelijk. Klik op de link, download het stappenplan en we begeleiden je stap voor stap door het proces.

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The benefits of TimeChimp

1. Integrations and API

TimeChimp offers over 25 convenient integrations and an API. This allows users to seamlessly integrate TimeChimp with their existing tools, allowing them to efficiently manage and synchronize all their data. This ensures a streamlined workflow and increases team productivity.

2. Mobile app

With TimeChimp's handy mobile app, users can manage their time tracking and projects anytime, anywhere. Whether you're on the way to a customer or working outside the office, the mobile app gives you the freedom to stay productive. With an easy-to-use interface and convenient features, the mobile app is an indispensable tool for good time management.

3. User friendly
TimeChimp is very user-friendly, suitable for both beginners and experienced users. It's designed with the end user in mind, allowing you to effortlessly track hours, projects, trips, and expenses. In addition, it offers functions such as time registration, project management, billing, reports and approvals.

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The benefits of Rodeo

1. Reporting options

Rodeo has useful features that help you create and view more detailed reports. Rodeo's reporting option connects budgets, time registration and tasks. This gives you a quick insight into your turnover and gives you a complete picture of important statistics.

2. Easily manage purchase invoices and orders

With Rodeo, managing purchase invoices and orders is effortless. In addition to creating invoices for customers, you can also quickly generate and manage purchase invoices for your own expenses. This ensures a clear financial administration in one place, saving you time and allowing you to work more efficiently.

3. User friendly

A plus point about Rodeo is its user-friendly interface. The system is designed to be easy to navigate and complete tasks effortlessly. This user-friendliness contributes to a pleasant user experience and helps the team work more efficiently, as it takes less time to learn and use.

Our users about time tracking with TimeChimp

99% recommends TimeChimp
Kevin de Heer
Kevin de Heer
Manager Finance,
Ahold Delhaize

We use the information we get from TimeChimp for project management purposes. In addition, we also register the other activities so that the time administration is complete. Because we write conclusively, we can now do analyses at all hours and activities. In turn, we use these analyses for better future planning.

Roderick Koster
Manager Finance & Control
Solid Professionals

In particular, TimeChimp has provided us with a lot of insights; such as developments in the declarability of our employees, absenteeism, hourly rates and turnover per customer. The connection with Power BI is also very valuable for us here.

BAM Infra

TimeChimp provides up-to-date insight into the booked hours. All our users are positive. And because we work a lot with Excel, the ability to export the data from TimeChimp to Excel was also a real prerequisite for us to choose TimeChimp.

Frequently asked questions about time registration

What is time registration?

Overstappen van Rodeo op TimeChimp is makkelijk. Binnen één dag kun je weer met jouw Rodeo-gegevens aan de slag in TimeChimp. Hoe? Download ons stappenplan en we leggen het je stap voor stap uit. Goed om te weten: om te kunnen overstappen hoef je geen betaald abonnement bij TimeChimp te hebben. Je kunt eerst bekijken of onze tool iets voor jou is met de gratis proefperiode.

Is it a legal requirement to keep track of time?

Keeping a record of hours is not mandatory, but it is very wise. It gives you insight into your hours worked. You can use the time sheet to customers or clients. Such an overview of hours makes it clear what you did and when. Read more on the

What is meant by the hour criterion?

Ja, maar je kunt niet al je gegevens behouden. Jouw gewerkte uren, projecten en medewerkers kun je met een paar klikken overzetten naar TimeChimp. Facturen en offertes moet je handmatig toevoegen. Hulp nodig? Neem contact op met ons suportteam via

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