Integration with Trips in the Cloud

  • Automatic connection with Trips in the Cloud
  • Simple trip logging and mileage registration
  • Realtime overview of your fleet
  • Save on communication costs
  • Available on mobile with the iOS and Android App
  • Perfect for Fleet Managers and SMEs
an illustration that shows that timechimp is at the center of the workflow and links to other tools, including trips in the cloud
A photo of a man in the car with a piece of user interface that explains how to register trips in timechimp

Trips in the Cloud

Trips in the Cloud consists of a GPS Tracker with a SIM card that you put in your car and which then logs all your trips automatically. All trip data can  be viewed subsequently on the Trips in the Cloud website or app (Android and iPhone). It saves all your journey data history so that you can expense it. On request, you can also provide it to the Tax Authorities to avoid additional taxation of your company car. Tax proof!

You can automatically log your journeys with TimeChimp, thanks to the connection with Trips in the Cloud. This gives you realtime insight into your mileage. The project manager has a direct overview of the fleet and can track the whereabouts of all vehicles realtime.

Service from TimeChimp

As a partner of Trips in the Cloud, we ensure a seamless connection with TimeChimp. Save time by logging trips automatically. No more manual entry! Would you like to try out TimeChimp and its connection to Trips in the Cloud? Then start our free 14-day trial now! Do you have any questions about this connection? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. TimeChimp is suitable for every organisation. We are happy to help entrepreneurs with the right systems. Easy does it.

An illustration of how the physical tracker of trips in the cloud forwards data to timechimp

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