Integration with Datafox

  • Track time quickly, easily and accurately
  • Real time insight into everything registered
  • Fast registration via finger scan or badge
  • Access control and attendance control
an illustration that shows that timechimp is at the center of the workflow and links to other tools, including datafox
A photo of a person clocks in with a tag to datafox's physical time clock. That's what's part of the user interface of a clock-in system

About Datafox

Datafox Benelux is the distributor of Datafox GmbH products in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Datafox GmbH develops and produces innovative electronic data collection systems that help companies to increase their profitability. Continuous development has made Datafox the technical leader in embedded data collection systems.

Datafox offers a wide range of ergonomic and practical mobile or fixed terminals for data collection and access control. Users capture data quickly, accurately and easily without any possibility of manipulation. You use this solid data for correct accounting & payrolling, detailed calculations, robust planning, management and optimisation. Datafox delivers transparency!

Connection between TimeChimp & Datafox

It’s easy to connect the TimeChimp time clock system to Datafox hardware. Employees can clock in easily with a badge, for example, that gives you realtime insight into start and end times as well as the presence of employees.

An illustration of how datafox's physical time clock forwards data to timechimp

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