Staff planning

Drawing up staff planning is no easy feat. There are lots of factors to take into account, from vacation and illness to seniority. Create a good and clear staffing plan with TimeChimp, so you always have the right people working for you.

  • Create your planning based on availability and competences
  • Employees track time and leave via the app
  • Connect your accounting package to make salary and payment easier
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Strategic workforce planning

Your organisation never sits still. New people are taken on and others leave, unfortunately. Additionally, organisations often grow too, so need more employees. A strategic workforce plan is a strategic plan for the future. What developments are there in the market and what does this mean for the number of employees that you need?

Creating and maintaining a workforce plan with TimeChimp is not only easy for you and your employees, but saves you a lot of time. It’s simple to create a staffing schedule with various services according to the availability of employees that they fill out themselves.

  • Employees can indicate their availability
  • Work with standard or repeating shifts and quickly create a staff planning
  • Let employees accept or decline shifts
  • Create your staff planning based on budget, competences or even the weather
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Easily track worked hours, leave and overtime

A good staffing roster or planning is important, but tracking the worked hours is too. And not just the hours, but also leave requests, sick leave and overtime. TimeChimp offers a workforce management system to help you out. You can:

Easy does it

Make a watertight staffing plan with TimeChimp. That way you’ll know who is working when, which is really useful.

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Make life easier with our integrations

Nobody likes double work and neither does TimeChimp. That’s why we offer smart integrations with various tools, for example accounting packages or HR and payroll software. You can also use our API to create an integration. TimeChimp makes work easier and more efficient. Examples of integrations:

  • Visma Nmbrs: Easily transfer the hours in TimeChimp to Visma Nmbrs for salary payments
  • Datafox: Use hardware to let employees clock in and out for accurate time tracking
  • Trips in the Cloud: Automatically track mileage via a GPS tracker

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