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  • TimeChimp is easy to use
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Watermelon is a software solution (SaaS) which lets your customer service team work together to create an unforgettable customer experience. Watermelon allows you to group all your customer contact on a single, central platform. Watermelon’s software lets companies build chatbots without programming. Thanks to powerful AI, up to 80% of customer contact is automated. Ease of use is paramount here: after all, you want to save time with a chatbot, and not invest too much time in setting it up.


“My name is Charl Haas. As one of Watermelon’s founders, I am principally responsible for the product. Not so much the technical part, but more the product management side. I focus on our customer feedback: whether it fits with our vision and how we can further develop our product. Ultimately, this is how we fill our backlog and we can schedule our developers for projects.”

Deployment of TimeChimp

“We’ve been using TimeChimp for a long time. We used to use it for customised solutions, but we’ve stopped that. Nowadays we mostly use TimeChimp for subsidies (WBSO) and project management. Thanks to TimeChimp we can see how much time has really been spent on a project and compare this to the estimated time. On the basis of estimated time, we schedule projects or break them down into smaller parts if they require too much capacity within a given time frame.

We use ClickUp to make these estimates per project. These hours are then tracked in TimeChimp once the project starts. By comparing these hours, we can determine which projects are progressing according to plan, and therefore estimate. We used to use Jira and its connection with TimeChimp for this. We switched to ClickUp because it works a little bit faster for us and also feels more modern than Jira. Furthermore, ClickUp is somewhat broader in scope and therefore offers more features, mainly aimed at smaller and medium-sized teams. Basically, it resembles Asana, but with a number of small differences that are very useful to us, such as ‘task dependencies’.

We track various types of projects in TimeChimp, ranging from bugs to major projects. In addition, we have also used TimeChimp in the past for externally-hired content marketers. This allowed us to see exactly how long someone had been working on a blog, for example.”

TimeChimp in the future

We looked for a good methodology that actually works for us. We can generate a ‘mini-url’ per task in ClickUp and link it to an activity in TimeChimp. By keeping track of how many hours are worked per task and per project, we gain insight into the total duration of a project. The next project that we are going to tackle in this way is the ‘webhook module’.

I also use TimeChimp to track project management hours. I set regular meetings in TimeChimp by default, but I always track unplanned tasks with the timer. The same applies to our developers too. They work according to a schedule, but from time to time, extra things have to be fitted in. In order to gain as accurate an insight into the duration of these tasks as possible, they measure the execution of these ‘ad hoc’ jobs with TimeChimp’s timer.

We have been using TimeChimp for over 1.5 years, to our complete satisfaction. During this period, there have been internal shifts and we have adapted our way of working. Because of TimeChimp’s flexible and simple approach, we were also able to use this new way of working within the tool. This is how TimeChimp has grown with us. We are looking forward to the future and our collaboration with TimeChimp!”

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