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  • We’ve more insight into our business operations, leading directly to increased turnover
  • Time tracking is no longer annoying. Our people are even enthusiastic about it
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Jalt is a team of social geeks and data driven creatives. From the heart of Amsterdam, they help the nicest international brands get the best online results. By combining big data analysis and creative tech, they make captivating campaigns to connect and activate people.

They are idiosyncratic, think along with their customers without being asked and drink the best coffee in Amsterdam. In their own words.


“My name is Sjoerd Reijnen and I am a Managing Partner at Jalt. We are data-driven, social-advertising specialists and gather ongoing information on how target groups interact with advertising. We use this information to develop creative campaigns aimed at maximum impact for our clients.”

Why TimeChimp?

“We used not to track our hours and therefore had too little insight into the way we used our time. We found TimeChimp through Google. Our search for user-friendly, time-tracker tools led us to TimeChimp. Since we started tracking time we have more insight into the way we run our business, which leads straight to increased turnover. On the strength of this insight, we have adapted a number of our offerings and have been able to hold conversations with our customers.

As far as we are concerned, TimeChimp is the most user-friendly, time-tracking solution on the market. This meant that we were able to introduce time tracking without any issues and that people were even enthusiastic about it.”

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