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  • TimeChimp is very service oriented. Contact is personal; lines of communication are short; it works very well.
  • Tool is clear, works smoothly, and is user-friendly. So it’s easy to use.
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Ahold Delhaize Pensioen has been using TimeChimp since April 2018. Kevin de Heer and Bryan van der Voort are responsible for the rollout of TimeChimp and share their experience below.

Kevin has been working at Ahold Delhaize since 2007 and at Ahold Delhaize Pensioen for the last 3 years. He is responsible there for Finance. Bryan has been working for Ahold Delhaize Pensioen  since 2001 and is responsible for IT projects. They manage TimeChimp within the organisation together.

Why did you start time tracking?

“In recent years, we have started to work more on a project basis. We often found ourselves in a time squeeze and wanted to know if we had adequate resources to execute projects. We wanted to gain more insight and a better grasp of those two things. Therefore, we launched a time tracking pilot with a number of our colleagues. We wanted to gain experience from this and see what it meant for our daily work. We were also very curious about the information we could obtain from this.”

“We started out simply with Excel and noticed immediate results. This let us arrive at good insights quickly. On the positive side, it didn’t take much time to record hours and most people got used to it quickly. Additionally, the data obtained could be used for project management purposes too, such as timesheets within projects for example. After these positive results, we decided to have all our colleagues at Ahold Delhaize Pensioen track their hours.”

Why did you chooseTimeChimp?

In the end, after a few discussions, we opted for TimeChimp and we have been working very easily with it since April. TimeChimp’s operations speak for themselves and we are rarely asked questions about how to use it. Our colleagues fill in their hours on a weekly basis and these are checked periodically. Most work via the browser and a few on the mobile app. We use the information we get from TimeChimp for project management purposes. Additionally, we also track other activities so that our time administration is accurate. Because we record everything properly, we can now perform analyses on time and activities. We then use these analyses for better planning in the future.”

“All in all, we’re positive about the first months. The tool is clear and user-friendly and simple to use. A real plus for us is TimeChimp’s weekly statement. Employees receive a notification from TimeChimp on Mondays to fill in their hours and that works very well. Furthermore, the copying of the weekly statement is a very handy function that works well.”

How do you rate the service?

Kevin: “I think it’s positive that when we ask a question, we receive a very quick answer. TimeChimp is service-oriented and on your side. This isn’t always the case for other parties. A question or problem doesn’t have to be resolved immediately, as long a you are kept informed and TimeChimp is very good about that.”

Bryan: “The contact is personal and lines of communication are short, which works very well. This way of working together gives you a better understanding of each other too. We experience this as positive. It is very annoying to send a message, get a standard reply and then never hear anything again. TimeChimp’s personal approach appeals to us more. In sum, we are very positive about TimeChimp and we look forward to continuing to work together and to future developments.”

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